Hi There.


My name is Terrianne, but you can call me Ree.

I’m a 36 Mom of two boys, four and one. And wife to my husband Daphny, whom I met online in 2009. Since he’s from Paris, France and I’m a Boston girl–I actually live in a house just down the street from the one I was born in–we carried on a long-distance romance until he moved here to be with me and our soon-to-be first child in 2011.

About a year after having our son and getting married I dishearteningly made the decision to leave my first blog when I struggled to manage the balance between my love of discovering, creating, cooking and sharing with my new love; my family, and the joys and challenges we would come to face together. It wasn’t seamless, and it was no longer fun.

When I decided to start blogging again I immediately knew I would adhere to some rules, but just a few:

I would only post dishes that I love, or things that fulfill me, and bring joy, knowledge and affirmation into my life. Make no mistake about it: This is a food blog… for the most part. I’m a self-taught baker and cook. And I’m passionate about it.

I would make the best of what I have; Time can be hard to come by with two kids. You steal it from where you can.

And my camera. It’s an outdated point and shoot canon that’s seen better days. I’ll rely quite a bit on natural sunlight and presentation.

Lastly, my budget. It. is. tight. I’ve always worked hard to never have to compromise delicious meals for what might seem like limitations. I believe you can make magic out of beans. You will see a little bit of everything. I’ll put my heart in it to keep it interesting.

I adore going to Farmer’s Markets and keep a small garden myself during the spring and summer. I’m zealous about supporting local, organic and sustainable food. What you’ll see is exactly what I feed my family. Our tastes are varied, but we all agree on one thing above all–it should taste good.

Thank you for joining me.

With Love,



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