All About Tomatoes

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I LOVE growing tomatoes. I don’t have a green thumb. At. all. Mostly because I have commitment issues. So watering, nurturing, paying attention to consistently, etc. …Forget about it.

There are exceptions: tomatoes. When I started attempting my own container garden several years back I planted lots of herbs, bells, jalapenos, cukes and tomatoes. I had some hiccups with the cucumbers, but eventually they all grew wonderfully. Tomatoes were the most rewarding–I found, of all these things to grow.

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They’re also pretty forgiving. I find that the most important quality for a gardening ne’er-do-well like myself. I mean, you can’t totally neglect them. They like exactly what they like and they’re pretty straight forward about their needs: Water. Sun. Not too much, neither too little. I’m cool with that.

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How quickly they grow, that moment they start to ripen, and the amount you get in return for the small effort of making sure these beauties stay hydrated and get just a little love make them by far my favorite thing to grow.

How fortuitous since they’re omnipresent in quite a lot of my meals through October. Not to mention, the flavor of a tomato you grew yourself is other-worldly.

Gorgeous, right?

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We’re nearing the start of the thickest part of the season. That’s when things really get fun! Healthy growing and happy harvest.

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Love, Ree


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