Classic Shrimp Scampi

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I love tried-and-true recipes. They’ve earned their reputation by being good. And consistent about it. That kind of thing is easy to take for granted, however, it matters. It really matters to me. I spend a lot of time trying new things; things I’d never hear of, from far and wide. I adjust recipes to suit my taste, and revamp those that need…a re-imagining. It’s exciting, rewarding, challenging. If not always successful.  I’ll admit, sometimes it disappoints too. When I want something sure to please: my family, a group of friends, anyone I’d have the pleasure of sharing a meal with, having dishes that are no stress, proven, and always delicious refuel my desire to keep forward–venturing places I’ve yet to go, or have yet to discover because I know that ahead await dishes I’ll look to and rely on to deliver and endure. Always. This is one such recipe.

As is especially the case with a simple dish like this, good ingredients are key. I would avoid that watery and transparent, frozen to near fossilization, and unsustainably farmed “shrimp” you find too readily available, and too inexpensive to make sense. That would defeat the charm of simplicity. I like shrimp that are “meaty.” Being a New England girl, I can tell you that good shrimp have a quality similar to the tail of whole fresh lobster.

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