Pizza Montanara Strarita (Fried Pizza w/ Fresh Marinara Sauce)

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When I stumbled upon this recipe on Saveur I was immediately intrigued by the thought of what would result from the sorcery of combining crispy on the outside-chewy on the inside first fried dough topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, chili flakes, and two types of cheese, including the pièce de résistance, deep and complex (also hard to find) smoked mozzarella. Only to be briefly placed in a super hot oven until melty deep golden perfection is achieved. I know. I know. I could barely contain myself either.

I knew that for a pizza that sounded this special I would forgo the same-day crust I’ve been using for years and instead make Peter Reinhart’s Napoletana Pizza Dough Recipe from one of my favorite baking books, ‘The Bread Baker’s Apprentice.’ Whoa! When I tell you that in my haste, choosing convenience over the one or two night refrigeration recommended by any respected pizza chef, I, in fact, deprived myself the experience of ever truly tasting pizza as the gods intended. I mean it. This pizza, in its entirety, is sublime.

Can we talk about ‘The Goonies’? Yes, the never say die classic  every child of the 80’s can still quote lines from. Do you remember the final scene from the movie when *spoiler alert: the kids are rescued, the treasure has been found and Chunk’s mom greets him on the beach with a box of pizza, his favorite. Something he’d waxed poetic about and pined for in a couple of previous scenes in the movie. Such a great film!

Well, ‘The Goonies’ was the featured movie for May at Food ‘n Flix hosted this month by Heather of Girlichef. I was able to catch it on TBS for, I don’t know, maybe the 15th time. This was great choice. It never fails to make me nostalgic, and there are so many awesome ’80’s food references. Food ‘n Flix is a fun club anyone can join in where each month one of the hosts selects a movie to be watched by all the participants and then we make a dish, dessert or drink inspired by the movie. Cool, right? This pizza is my contribution.

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I’m Back!

After a long blogging hiatus, I’ve been eager to return to something that became such a meaningful part of my life– Sharing in my love of delicious food, discovery and creating dishes with others, as I pursue my baking dreams. I’ll do it, at least to start, with an outdated point-and-shoot camera and on a tight budget, but I’ll do it with heart.

And I promise to resist the urge to say things like ‘Let’s get lost on the route to delicious.’ Though, I was really tempted. Thanks for joining me.

With Love,